Responsible & Sustainable Graphics

Design To Print specializes in the manufacture of large and grand format quality visual graphics nationwide. We believe in protecting the environment through a cleaner printing process with the ultimate goal of sustainability! Our company is a pioneer in environmentally friendly initiatives and is accomplishing this by using inks and materials that help preserve the delicate ecological balance, and avoiding products that contaminate or deplete the world’s natural resources.

We are actively conscious of the environment and take every effort to reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to the highest quality printing with superior customer service. Our production capabilities in grand format printing are next to none in quality and speed! Whether you are buying a banner, billboard, or customized wallpaper, we want your experience to be so excellent that you consider us a partner in the success of your business.

There is no Planet B, so we developed EnviroBead.

Last year we studied the impact of our Silicone beading on our SEG Graphics (Silicone Edge Graphics). Silicone is an environmentally irresponsible material, and the environmental impact was much greater than we thought. It can neither be made from recycled materials and cannot be recycled after use. It is heat and fire resistant which is good for certain things, but makes a material virtually impossible to break down in a landfill.

We started a task force to fix this impact here at Design To Print. The task force was able to create a new blend of recycled plastics that behaved the same and even better than our traditional silicone beading. We began producing our own blend of recycled beading that not only comes from recycled materials, but can be recycled after its use. On top of that, EnviroBead is completely biodegradable. This effort will greatly decrease the impact of our fabric graphics to the environment.

Earth friendly fabric graphics

EcoTX fabric is made exclusively from recycled plastics. Most recycled fabrics are plagued by yellow hues from the recycling process. Our exclusive eco blends allows for a bright white point so you see your graphics, not the yellow fabric they are printed on.

Not only have we been incorporating polyester fabrics from recycled yarn, but we are currently working on a fabric blend that will be fully biodegrade in landfills in 3-5 years. These efforts will save many tons of waste in landfills per year while preserving the premium look and feel that you have been accustomed to at Design To Print. All without sacrificing quality or price.

Combine this with our fresh, new EnviroBead… supremely eco-friendly!


Design To Print has many other environmental programs that we will continue to employ such as recycling, material reuse in packaging, and lean management of supplies. We appreciate your support and look forward to making a difference together!